WHY CHOOSE Laurel Dental CLinic?


Offering the most convenient and comfortable dentistry in Port Angeles


Your Experience

At Laurel Dental Clinic, we guide you through your dental journey. From the moment you step through the door, you’ll feel the care of our Port Angeles dental team and the difference of a friendly office environment.

We help you understand the best course of action, why you need a specific treatment, and how you can make the most of your insurance benefits.

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Your Smile

Most of our team lives in the Port Angeles area, so we understand how busy life can be.

We don’t want to add to that burden but rather ease your anxiety through extended opening hours. 


Your Health

Visit a place where healthcare and technology are in sync. Our dentists use a range of advanced equipment and techniques as they care for your smile.

What’s more, we go a step further and educate you on improving your overall well-being too. We genuinely want the best for you because we view you as family.



Imagine a Dental visit you really enjoyed!

As a team, we pride ourselves on being sensitive to all our patients’ needs. We offer an empathetic ear, address your primary concerns, and do all we can to earn your trust. This includes being transparent throughout your visit by clearly outlining each step and openly discussing our recommendations.

What’s more, our dentists go a step further by equipping our office with some modern patient comforts, such as:

We don’t want you to feel nervous about getting exceptional dental care in Port Angeles, WA. Rather, you can enjoy the wonderful office atmosphere while experiencing the benefits innovative dentistry can bring.

Get ready for a new type of dental visit in Port Angeles, WA.


Whole health dentistry with a preventative focus.

There is no doubt dentistry is evolving into a more comfortable area of healthcare and Laurel Dental Clinic is continuing to keep pace. Our dentists have formulated a services menu designed to meet the individual needs of your family (regardless of age). We combine state-of-the-art technology with our real love for people, to provide you with the ultimate Port Angeles dental experience.

See what we offer to our local community:

Oral Hygiene
Feel refreshed and confident with our custom hygiene program.

Laser Dentistry
Our new laser service comfortably cleans your teeth and repairs your gums.

Sedation Dentistry
Relax during your visit to Laurel Dental Clinic.

Teeth Whitening
Feel confident with your smile, thanks to our exciting teeth whitening solution.

Oral Cancer Screening
We offer regular cancer screenings using the latest technology.

Dental Implants
Combining beauty with function for an outstanding tooth replacement option.


Experience the difference at our office at Port Angeles, WA.